Microtia Mingle is a support group for children, families and adults affected by Microtia in the United Kingdom.

Microtia is a condition characterised by an incomplete or underdeveloped ear. It literally comes from the words “micro” (small) and “otia” (ear). It can be unilateral (one side) or bilateral (both sides).

There are four grades of Microtia:

  • Grade I: A less than complete development of the external ear with identifiable structures and a small but present external ear canal
  • Grade II: A partially developed ear (usually the top portion is underdeveloped) with a closed [stenotic] external ear canal producing a conductive hearing loss.
  • Grade III: Absence of the external ear with a small peanut-like vestige structure and an absence of the external ear canal and ear drum. Grade III Microtia is the most common form of Microtia.
  • Grade IV: Absence of the total ear or anotia.

Some children and adults with Microtia have a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) to support hearing.

Microtia Mingle also has an online support group on Facebook. Click on the link at the top of the page to visit our group. It was founded by Liz Jones.
The aim of the forum is to share experiences, ask questions and to get to know other people affected by Microtia. We currently have 1000 members across the UK. They are a very friendly, warm and supportive group – with members ranging from babies, teenagers and adults affected by Microtia.  We look forward to seeing you there! We plan to meet annually as we know the importance of face to face support and we would like to develop as a community. We also hold more frequent regional mingles to help people to get to know other people affected by Microtia in their local area.


Also visit our Microtia UK Charity website www.microtiauk.org