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‘Isaac and Lilah – A story of similarities and differences’

By Liz Jones October 2012

This book was written for Isaac and other young children with Microtia to help them to become aware of their little ears in a positive way by looking at similarities and differences between themselves and others. Isaac is 3 years old and was born with bilateral Microtia and atresia and he has worn a bone conduction aid on a headband since he was 6 weeks old.

Happy 2nd Anniversary MMUK!

As we are approaching the 2nd Anniversary of Microtia Mingle UK I am struck by how far we have come. 2 years ago I did not know anyone with Microtia and I felt so alone in trying to work out what was best for Isaac. 2 years on and we now have over 250 members ranging from parents with babies with microtia to teenagers and adults with microtia. We have also held a number of mingles nationally whereby members can meet face to face and develop as a community. I was so emotional when I first met another child with microtia. Our group has a wonderful mix of members that are supportive and friendly. The Facebook forum is used daily by members which shows how valued it is. Thank you everyone xxx