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‘Isaac and Lilah – A story of similarities and differences’

by Liz Jones (October 2012)   

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This book was written for Isaac and other young children with Microtia to help them to become aware of their little ears in a positive way by looking at similarities and differences between themselves and others. Isaac is 3 years old and was born with bilateral Microtia and atresia and he has worn a bone conduction aid on a headband since he was 6 weeks old.

I have chosen to use photographs to clearly show the similarities and differences between Isaac and his sister rather than using cartoon pictures as I believe that this is how young children begin to learn about themselves and others. As they get older they start to make the link between themselves and more symbolic forms of stories and pictures.

Self awareness begins to develop from an early age and many studies have shown that children as young as one can recognise a change in their appearance (e.g. a post it note on their forehead) and will try to remove it, therefore suggesting that they have an understanding of what they normally look like.

Around the age of 3 children start  to notice similarities and differences between themselves and others and will start asking questions. This book provides a starting point for such discussions in a positive way using clear child friendly language and photographs.

This book is for:

Young children with Microtia

Young siblings and relatives

Friends of the family

Nurseries and Schools

Hearing Impairment Teams and Units

Speech, Language and Communication Services

This book has been endorsed by:

An Educational Psychologist

A Speech and Language Therapist

A Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

An Early Years Advisory Teacher

I hope you enjoy this book as much as my son Isaac does.

Liz Jones

Founder of Microtia Mingle UK and Educational Psychologist


This beautifully presented little book is a wonderfully positive introduction to a family whose little child has Microtia. What a great resource for families and Teachers of the Deaf who are new to Microtia. Every Audiology Clinic and every Service for Hearing Impaired Children should have a copy of this wonderful little book’. Paul Gouge (Teacher of the Deaf)

‘This beautifully photographed and presented book will help so many children understand the similarities and differences we share. As a SENCO I look forward to reading this book to my children developing awareness and understanding Microtia. It is a perfect introduction for a child with Microtia to develop good self esteem and pride in themselves’ Mary Dowson (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

‘A lovely book illustrating the uniqueness of every child . Using real life photos it captures the attention of children in the early years tremendously’ Helen Regan (Nursery Manager)

‘Part of my work involves the Paediatric Microtia Clinic and I think your book would be a great resource for the families we work with’ (Clinical Psychologist)

‘I know that the book will be a valuable resource beyond this child’s time with us. It is thoughtfully written to show the differences between all of us and I really like how intergenerational it is. The fact that the photos are ones that you have taken yourself in real life situations rather than “stock shop” ones make it all the more appealing for young children as I believe that they will be able to easily relate to them. Thank you so much for writing this book and I hope that many more people both with and without connections to Microtia are able to enjoy it’. Gillian Hayward (Nursery Manager)

‘Liz, can I again say a big thank you for the book.  I read it three times last night to Jacob (on his insistence).  He’s fascinated that Isaac looks like him and even wears a blue headband!  He’s practising saying the word microtia so he can tell his friends at school’ (mother of a 5 year old child with Microtia)

Thank you Liz for such a lovely book.  I’m trying to build up our resources … your book is now in our resources pack and the teachers from the class of each school we attend get’s to choose one book that we will order from our charity (Mother of 2 hearing aid wearers and Deaf Awareness Trainer)

Love it! If you don’t have it please get one! Thank you Liz for your amazing work! x As my Rebekah says “Its lovely book Mummy” (mother of a young child with Microtia)

‘Absolutely lovely Liz. So well done. I know Freya may be a bit too young  to fully understand it all yet but I will certainly be reading it to her and showing her the photos. What a brilliant and positive resource to have on hand. Copies to grandparents and Aunties are going in their Christmas stockings too’ (mother of a young child with Microtia)

‘It’s fabulous thank you! My granddaughter is becoming very interested in my ear so a perfect book for her to read’  (Adult with unilateral Microtia)

‘Your book is absolutely lovely. It is so wonderfully written. I think it also is very good book for new mums if they have baby with Microtia. It just organizes the thoughts into absolutely perfect way. Simple, direct, normalizing’ (mother of a 3 year old child with unilateral Microtia)

‘My daughter Sara is 3 years old and has bilateral Microtia. She is so interested in Isaac since she has never met anybody else with Microtia and a BAHA. This is fantastic for her and her family. Thank you so much’ (a mother from Denmark)

‘I received our copy of your book today it really is lovely we are so pleased with it. Oliver’s big sister has been reading through it already. Well done hope it does really well. Many thanks’ (mother of a young child with Microtia)

‘Mine arrived yesterday, what a lovely little book! My little girl has been reading it, can’t wait for Kieran to see it when he’s a bit older, may order another one to take to nursery when Kieran starts! Thank u liz’ (mother of a young child with Microtia)